Thursday, May 21, 2009

UFO (Urban Fairies Operations) website Updates

I'm getting to some waaaaaaay overdue web-site updates.

Eventually... I hope to make the navigation a bit easier.
There are always links at the bottom of every page.

The Gnome News (link on the Home page) always has my latest blatherings.

More to follow! I have a back-log of e-mails and pictures!


Bryan Sebeck said...

My fiancee and I are new to Ann Arbor and look for the doors wherever we go. We managed to find a door not listed on the website. It's inside Adorn Me above the stairs heading down to the bead store on the main level. There is a door as well as two windows above!

jbw said...

Thanks Bryan!
I have seen that one.
Eventually... I'll get it on my web-site as well.

It should be noted that the fairy door at Adorn Me is only loosely associated with the other urban fairy doors. The "fairy door" at the Bead Gallery is just a prop.


Anonymous said...

good blog

ufos ufos said...

I believe this was a very aborbing article and I applaud you for fine job.

Tara said...

I'm fascinated by your blog--I love fairies and I grew up in Michigan. Seems like a good combo to me.

jbw said...

Thanks Tara.
It IS a great combo.
my web-site has MUCH more info.