Friday, September 5, 2008

THIS WEEKEND (Sept 7, 2008)

The 6th Annual Kerrytown BookFest

at The Ann Arbor Farmers Market
Sunday, September 7

Non-Certified Fairyologist, Jonathan b. Wright << (that's me!)
"Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?" will be for sale and can be autographed,
Posters, post cards and Greeting cards will also be for sale.

The BookFest is in the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market at N. 4th Ave. & Kingsley
with parking on 4th Ave.


Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Hi there you left a comment at my blog and I would hate to think I have not 'pleased' anyone... what were your thoughts?

jbw said...

Hey Giggle~
I have mixed to reactions to the selling of fairy doors.

I have worked VERY hard at what I do. I have also made a conscious decision to NOT sell fairy doors.

so... I am being "pleased" that others are sharing in the fun...and there is some flattery in imitation, to be sure. However, being only human-ish, I am also a bit "hurt"..."sad"?... when others capitalize on my work with no credit, I hope that makes sense and does not sound too petty.

I know that you are just enjoying the fun... and that IS a big part of what I do. I also understand that you are not the one selling fairy doors. In fact, there is certainly one person who has blatantly ripped of the concept with "his" resin mass produced.... things.